Sharing a cute little story about Jerry …

Melinda J. Irvine

Jerry kicks and thrashes in his sleep, poor little thing has terrible nightmares. He always wants to sleep in the bed with me and I usually allow it for a few hours and carry him to his own bed after he’s asleep. Every morning he wakes up disappointed.

“Tita Mel! Me kicking?”

Last night I promised he could sleep there the whole night, he was very excited.

He brought me to tears later when I went to bed and found him already sleeping. Looking like a rigid little statue, he had tied his feet together with his special scarf ‘the wings’ (so he wouldn’t kick me).

His father died four weeks ago and he’s having a hard time coping. My heart is so filled with love for this amazing little boy.  I gently removed his wings and went to sleep.

Hoping this little bit of love brings you joy today.

Mel xx

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