Learning to be a parent has been a great challenge for me, but Jerry truly is making me a better person. #parenting #parentfail #findingjerry

Melinda J. Irvine

“Please don’t take away your placemat Jerry.” I say.

“Why, Tita Mel?”

“Well it stops a big mess on the table”

“But I don’t make a mess anymore Tita Mel”

“Jerry look, everyone else in the restaurant is using a placemat”

We look around and everyone has placemats.

“What about him Tita Mel?”

Jerry points to the man closest to us and yes, he is the only one in the restaurant with no placemat. Boom! I decide then and there to blog it. That was yesterday.

When Jerry asked me last year if he could live in my house, I immediately said no. How could a single girl in her mid (or dare I say it … eek … late 40s) become a parent for the first time? Reluctantly? Slowly? Jerry won of course, proven today when he arrived home clutching his first school ID card with my name and…

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