This video focusses on the importance of healthy connections for kids in care who have experienced trauma. Kids and young people in care can be acutely aware that they are different and can hunger for normality. Mixing with local kids and your community helps normalise their experience and develop healthy connections with caregivers. Carers can support healthy relationships by focussing on their connections with kids, rather than focusing on teaching them how to behave.

Source: this video was uploaded by Family and Community Services NSW on 26 November 2016.

Like the children described in this video, Jerry is acutely aware that he is ‘different’ and greatly desires to be “the same” as other kids. I’ve spent the last year really focusing on him socialising with other kids and participating in group activities, you can see from my youtube video he is  happily jumping rope and playing with other kids. This was one of the first times he really mixed in well, so I was really excited to shoot that little clip.

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