Our little family of strays has grown by one …

Melinda J. Irvine

Yesterday on our afternoon walk, I swore I heard some lost kittens calling each other. To be honest it’s actually hard not to find or hear lost kittens on afternoon walks, there are so many street dogs and cats roaming around in this place. I stopped walking and asked Jerry to stand, be still and listen. I couldn’t quite work out where the sound began but the little voice was like a magnet pulling me across the road onto a vacant lot.

I eventually found the little cat, appearing suddenly from inside the long grass and his tiny frame  was quickly snatched up by Jerry (almost immediately I was begged permission for a pet). Cat was placed inside an empty backpack I had been carrying to bring home groceries, and he sat there crying with his tiny head poking through the open zip.

cat in a bowl

Cat’s brother or sister, even…

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