My Adopted Kid

Documenting my unexpected journey as an adopted/foster mum to a little boy who l met while delivering humanitarian aid and volunteering in the Philippines. Parenting Resources.



Do kids think of sperm donors as family?

It's taken me almost two years of self-doubt to really feel like a parent. Hearing the views of the kids in this video is inspiring and gives me more confidence to be Jerry's mother. How do we define a parent — or... Continue Reading →

I Love You and Miss You So Much

If you have been following any of my blogs or facebook pages you will know that for the past two months I've been in Australia, separated from Jerry. I've survived it by our daily phone calls and clinging to the... Continue Reading →

PRESS RELEASE: Jerry Needs a Mum for Christmas

It was one day last year in the Philippine school holidays that Australian writer and musician, Mel Irvine met a little boy on a dirty roadside in the Philippines. He had cut, bleeding feet and no shoes and was crying.... Continue Reading →

Link to an article by Kathryn Patricelli, MA Long-Term Issues For The Adopted Child" on the website

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